What Is GameLoud?

GameLoud is an exciting new bridge between the music you love and the mobile games you love to play! Download the apps for your smart phone, play the games and connect with your favorite bands in a whole new way! All while discovering new music and new artists!

How does it work?

Sign up, log in, and play! It's that easy! You can create a profile at gameloud.com or in any GameLoud game. After that you can see your stats including your place on the leaderboard for every GameLoud game right next to the artists themselves. Many of the bands you love will soon be part of the GameLoud community. Every band will “sponsor” a fun and engaging gaming app for your mobile device. Compete with other music fans, earn "GameChange" and win exclusive merchandise and special prizes from your favorite artists!

Cool! So it’s a gaming site?

No, it’s more than that. GameLoud is an ever-evolving online entertainment venue that offers news and information on your favorite Artists, in addition to being a hub for gaming and fan interaction. Compete for great prizes like concert meet-and-greets, autographed items and exclusive merchandise from artists. Get updated info on tours and performances, and participate in live gaming tournaments being held at places near you.

Is that it?

Absolutely NOT! Your bands will not only be characters in the game, they’ll be engaging in challenges that reflect the things they love and communicating with YOU! They’ll be involved in the game and platform. They''ll be tweeting about the accomplishments of THEIR fans in THEIR game! And that's not where the interaction ends. The bands will be watching and the GameLoud team will be listening. GameLoud is driven by the artists you love, but belongs to the fans. We will be delivering new opportunities and concepts that will continue to keep you truly engaged with your favorite artists, and we’ll take your comments, suggestions, criticisms and accolades very seriously. We’re here to serve our artists and their fans!

What does it cost?

Registering is free! Games range from $0.99 to $2.99 with sales and specials happening all the time! The prizes and exclusive merchandise do not cost money but are rewarded in exchange for "GameChange". These exclusive items cannot be found anywhere else and can be viewed only on GameLoud Rewards. Remember, you must be signed up and logged in to collect "GameChange"!

What are these leaderboards?

Whenever you're signed in, your scores automatically post to GameLoud! Visit your profile to see your top scores or check individual game pages for the best high scores! Remember, you must be signed in and online to your GameLoud account in order for your scores to post!

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